TEAM 2018


TEAM 2017

Fatjona Sulaj
It seems as if positive vibes never fail to amaze Fatjona.
She is a Clinical Engineer who loves details, photography, good music and autumn.
Persistence, Willpower and Gratitude will lead her to Prosperity.

Fiorela Vorpsi
Fiorela Vorpsi is a liquidity officer working at the American Hospital Tirana. She is experienced in media and health care industry. Fiorela holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana. She strongly supports gender equality actions and strongly believes in strong women building one another up.

Paola Qendraj
is an ICT undergraduate at Tirana University. She strongly believes in women empowerment. Paola has been a youth activistfor the past 4 yours and she has become aware of the tremendous asset the community can have by empowering other people to unleasth their true potential . She lets art inspire her spirit and passion lead her way to success.

Salijona Dyrmishi
is the 3rd year Business Informatics student at University of Tirana. Her biggest passion is cyber security and previously she has been an intern at Albanian National Computer Security Agency. After finishing a one-year-exchange experience at NTNU University in Norway, Salijona got the motivation and initiative to work towards youth empowerment in Albania.


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