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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization (WEDO) and international campaign #ChooseWOMEN is a non-governmental volunteer organization that empowers, celebrates, and supports women in business worldwide. Launched in 2013, in New York WED works globally to empower women and girls to become active participants in the economy by igniting a network of women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion, and advance communities around the world. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, WED builds and catalyzes the vital networks of like-minded individuals and organizations that women business leaders need in order to realize their full potential and change the world.

Albanian Communication Forum

The FORUM has as its prime aim the identification and demonstration of successful communication strategies between three Important Influencers: Young people, Professionals, Brand Companies in Albania. The ACF intends to improve the ability of successfully transferring information, thoughts and ideas, initially by starting with small audiences and then moving up to larger ones.
The issues discussed during the Forum were focused on incentive’s the understanding of the core elements that comprise effective communication as a mechanism of growth.

Breaking Stereotypes

Breaking Stereotypes Balkans is a three-day Training Course, which aims to bring together young leaders coming from Balkans (Kosovo, Monte Negro, Serbia, Greece, and Macedonia) to solve the crucial issues of the young generation. This project is created by the official members of AWP, most of them trained in the field and with an international experience. During our interaction with young people and not only, we have identified the urgent need for a re-connection with history, good traditions and our roots for the preservation of the so-called “national character” which differs a lot from the impact that Albanians have in the international arena. The participants need to understand that the fight is not about the creation of a positive stereotype, but about awareness and understanding the reality.  We intend to raise awareness and not raise national feelings!

Albania’s Next leader

Albania’s Next leader is an EntreLeadership Program designed to identify potential individuals in Albania and abroad. The program also aims to prepare future business leaders by using effective methods and Technics to identify the potential individuals in Albania. The entire Program of Albania’s Next Leader is designed as a package of some other Activities. ANL’s first condition is the Collaboration with an Organisation, Institution or a University, as an important part of the Program

HeForShe Campaign

UN Women Albania in cooperation with the A Woman in Power Organisation, have started the preparations for expanding the HeForShe Campaign all over Albania. We had the possibility to create events on behalf of the Campaign! We reached a huge number of participants attending our event.


“You must be the change you want to see – No Excuses” Madi Sharma We are happy to share some feedback from MADI SHARMA Event organised by A Woman in Power Organisation, supported by Swiss Contact SECO EP. Honored for having such amazing young entrepreneurs from: 1. Klinika Da Vinci 2. Celsi 3. Hako Company 5. 6. Bordo Magazine 7. SHPAGZ 8. Levizja Shqip On 9. Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth 10. Albaninan Investment Development Agency (AIDA) and other young entrepreneurs! Thank you for your time and your lovely presence! #AWP


Fuqizimi I Gruas – Fuqizimi I Mendjes Hotel Plaza – Tiranë Date, 17 Nëntor Seminar 1 ditor me psikologen Mirela Sula, autore e librit “Mos e Ler Mendjen te Ike”. Mirela Sula kthehet në Shqipëri me një seminar ekskluziv për të fuqizuar gratë. Cfarë do të mësoni në këtë seminar? – Si të menaxhoni fuqinë e mendjes për të arritur sukses në jetë? – Si të identifikoni bllokimet e mendjes dhe t’i ktheni ato në potenciale për të realizuar ëndrrat tuaja – Si të krijoni mundësi të reja për veten, dhe t’i gjeni ato në jetën e përditshme – Si të menaxhoni karrierën tuaj dhe gjeni drejtimin e duhur – Si të krijoni impakt tek njerëzit dhe të fitoni besimin e tyre – Si të rrisni konfidencën dhe vetë-vlerësimin – Si ta ktheni fuqinë e mendjes në fitime finaciare – Si të gjeni një punë – Si të hapni një bizness, ta rrisni atë dhe të bëheni të suksesshëm


In the framework of Entrepreneurship Week AWP in collaboration with University of Tirana and GOA(Global Opportunities Albania) organized the event “Entrepreneur Women’s Day”. In the event were invited three important CEO. During the Event was organized a workshop by giving the participants 3 case studies from these companies and they analyzed some crucial elements according to the entire show!

National Debate Championship

A Woman in Power” in collaboration with “Foundation for Economic Freedom” organized “National Debate Championship ″, which involved all the Universities in Tirana. The Debate was organised  in a University level having as a clear aim to, encourage students to be part of a constructive training regarding the analysis and discussion on the topic: “Students of private universities pro Public University and Public University Students pro Private University.”
This Competition as well served for creating a helpful network between Public University students and Private University students.

What Stops Women Cross Border Conference

“What Stops Women” was an launched event created to promote the research study entitled “Factors of Women success in Albania and Macedonia”. The Founder of ” A Woman in Power ” in Albania, Ms.Viola Thoma in collaboration with Ms.Emilia Poposka, Director of “Alumni Affairs at Preparing Global Leaders Institute” in Macedonia conduct an intensive research and decided to present the study in both countries .
In Albania WSW was held in the Gold Room at the Hotel Doro City. The event was divided into two phases: The first part of the event was a conference held by a panel consisting of professionals of the Field.The second part was created as a workshop session.

Down Syndrome Albania Campaign

Down syndrome Albania October  Awareness.
During the parade, we raise waraeness by supporting people with Down syndrome and make people aware of their abilities and accomplishments. It’s not about celebrating disabilities, it’s about celebrating abilities. October 12-th will be forever remembered as a day full of love, joy and solidarity. A Woman in Power took part in the solidarity walk that began at the maternity “Queen Geraldine” and culminated with the activities in the square “Rinia”. Our volunteers ideated mini-campaign #AWPsupportMothers of children with Down syndrome. Twenty of our volunteers supported this campaign.  They shared moments of joy with these marveleous children and their loved ones.


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